11 Amazing Health Benefits of Giloy

Giloy LeavesGiloy has gained immense popularity in recent times, allegedly as an effective antidote for swine flu. An herbaceous vine, Giloy, Guduchi or ‘Amrita’ as it is popularly known belongs to the botanical family of Mernispermaceae called Tinospora cordifolia. Offering immense medicinal and therapeutic benefits, the herb ever since ancient times has occupied a very prominent place in the treatment of Ayurveda.

Medicinal Parts
  • Stem
  • Leaves
  • Root
  • Fruit

A widely accredited part, however in Ayurveda is a water-soluble starchy kind of extract from the dry stem of the plant known as Giloy Ghan Satva that is available commercially. Despite the fact that the dried extracts are more popular owing to their easy consumption factors, combined with a longer shelf life, its fresh counterpart is considered valuable.


Giloy in Ayurveda

According to the principles of Ayurveda, Giloy is a tridosha herb, with powerful properties that neutralises the three doshas in the body namely vata, pitta and kapha, vital for overall wellbeing.


Health Benefits of Giloy

1. Enhances Immunity

Some of the active substances in Giloy such as tinosporidine, tinosporide, tinosporoside, tinosporine, cordifol, cordifolide and heptacosanol eradicate the harmful free radical elements by flushing out the unwanted toxins from the body thus boosting immune health. Similarly, the antioxidant properties augment production of white blood cells and bone marrow stem cells, thereby stimulating the growth of protective blood cells boosting immunity and restoring optimal health.


2. Anti Inflammatory Protection

Giloy offers anti-inflammatory protection and combats diseases like gout and rheumatoid arthritis. The juice extracts from the stem of this herb is highly effective for treatment of gout as it helps neutralise the increased uric acid levels in the body


3. Digestive Health

The active components in Giloy support digestive health by combating digestive related disorders like flatulence, acidity, bladder pain and piles. Taking about quarter teaspoon of Giloy powder with gooseberry (amla) powder relieves digestive-related disorders keeping the gut healthy. Consuming a cup of buttermilk with Giloy powder also alleviates indigestion and proves effective. [Find here some effective ayurvedic remedies for piles]


4. Anti Diabetic Effects

According to Researchers, regular consumption of Giloy juice stabilises blood sugar and lipid levels in the blood as the herb has a hypoglycaemic effect


5. Adaptogenic Effects

Giloy with adaptogenic properties enhance mental health relieving stress, anxiety and depression. It keeps the brain sharp and stimulated by preventing oxidative stress to brain cells, improving cognitive development and memory.


6. Antibacterial Effects

The antibacterial substances in the plant protect the body from infectious diseases and increases body’s defence mechanism. Consuming a decoction prepared by boiling Giloy stem with a few basil leaves and reducing it to three fourths proves effective and offers resistance against swine flu.


7. Blood Cleanser

A natural body detox Giloy purifies blood by cleansing the circulatory and the lymphatic systems in the body of unwanted toxins.


8. Anti Ageing Agent

A natural combination of anti ageing and blood cleansing properties, Giloy not just keeps diseases at bay but also promotes a healthy smooth skin free of wrinkles, fine lines and also thwarts premature hair greying. Internally too the herb works, therefore taking Giloy juice with turmeric and amla treats skin -related disorders like lupus, psoriasis, eczema and other skin inflammations.


9. Blood Cancer

Consuming a concoction prepared by blending an aloe Vera leaf with wheatgrass and Giloy stem proves effective in the treatment of blood cancer and reduces the painful side effects of chemotherapy.


10. Cures Menorrhagia

Consuming Giloy juice twice a day also relieves excessive menstrual bleeding and pain.


11. Respiratory Disorders

The juice extracts from the bark and the stem makes an effective cure for respiratory disorders including asthma.


Individual Concerns

In certain cases, Giloy causes constipation and hypoglycaemia. It is better to avoid the herb during pregnancy and nursing and it is imperative to consult an experienced ayurvedic medical practitioner before use.

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