10 Unhealthy Reasons to Stop Your Child from Drinking Soda

Unhealthy Reasons to Stop Your Child from Drinking SodaCarbonated beverages also known as coke, fizzy drink, soda or soda pop, usually contains, a sweetening agent and an essence for flavoring. The sweetener may perhaps be fruit juice, sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, as in the case of diet drinks or some mishmash of these substances. Carbonated beverages can also contain additives, preservatives, caffeine, artificial food coloring, along with other substances.

The majority of us are familiar with the unhealthy aspects of soft drinks. It influences our health negatively and leads to a host of medical complications. Nevertheless, who ceased drinking soda, knowing all of those unhealthy facts? Soda consumption has become an indispensable habit with most kids of the modern world. Kids are hooked more to soda than to water, thus making themselves more vulnerable to the repercussions these carbonated drinks can have when they grow up to be adults. This is because soda possesses high sugar contents, which could well have an effect on your child’s general health. Hence, parents ought to take the onus on them to first understand the ill effects and help their children gradually do away with this unhealthy habit. Here are ten valid reasons to discourage your kids from drinking soda.

Soda Affects Child’s Weight

Soda Affects Child’s WeightKids who consume soda have a tendency to become obese. A recent study showed that kids between the age group of three to five who consumed soda usually tend to go through obesity when they become adults. In addition, kids who formed a preference for junk food were more likely to become obese when they become adults. However, the presumption that giving diet soda as an alternative to avoid obesity too will not solve the problem, as the negative effects are same as consuming regular coke. Enjoying a soda per day equates to consuming 39 pounds of sugar per annum! Regular intake of these sugary beverages will interact with the genes that affect your child’s weight. This is one of the key reasons that sugar-sweetened drinks are linked to over 180,000 obesity-related deaths per year. Hence, restricting your child’s consumption of sugary beverages is crucial for their lifelong oral and general health.

Soda Affects Brain Function

Soda Affects Brain FunctionIt is true that Soda harms children’s brains. A human brain keeps developing incessantly. Nevertheless, drinking soda from a young age perhaps may harm the brain. When kids drink soda, they consume chemicals that might modify their brains. The citric acids included into a soda can hide an MSG, to add flavour and taste to the beverages. All this has the potential to damages the kids’ brain in numerous ways. This has been correlated to many cases resulting in tumours and cancer. Besides this, high sugar content present in sodas have a negative impact on brain function leading to learning disabilities, behaviour problems, cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and brain damage. This occurs because excessive sugar in diet can reduce the production of a brain chemical known as, brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). This chemical is precisely what helps our brains form new memories, as well as learn new things. Research illustrates that diets with too much sugar dull our brain’s natural mechanism of sending signals, warning to quit eating.

Soda causes Kidney Stones

Soda causes Kidney StonesWe are all aware that sodas contain large amounts of high fructose corn syrup but they also contain high levels of phosphoric acid, which have been linked to kidney stones and other health issues. Further, an unhealthy lifestyle combined with consuming highly processed junk foods loaded with fat and salt, sweetened beverages sans water lead to formation of kidney stones in children as young as five years of age. Diet sodas are by far worse, doubling that risk for people who consume two or more of them daily. Kidneys stones are never a fun experience for any individual particularly for children.

Carbonated drinks cause gastrointestinal problems

 gastrointestinal problemsIn fact, Soda can inhibit digestion. The caffeine and soda combined together can lead to dehydration because of their diuretic nature, especially if you prefer to replace the water with soda. Sugar and caffeine together make our stomach produce more acids, which end up in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Other IBS causes may be due to the carbonation that produces more gas.It is no surprise that the overload of sugar comes with an effect on kids. However, most parents do not understand that the carbonation in such drinks has biological effects too. Apart from gas and IBS, carbonated drinks consisting of caffeine also produce other digestive issues, such as diarrhoea and sometimes even cause constipation in children.

Soda Consumption Doesn’t Promote Strong Bones

Soda Consumption Doesn’t Promote Strong BonesSoda tends to make kids’ bones weaker as they lower the calcium levels in our body, making our bones weak and more vulnerable. Soda also contains phosphorus, which is linked to bone loss especially with an imbalance in calcium levels. Since very long time ago, scientists have proven the interference between caffeine and calcium as Kids who drink soda are less likely to consume milk. Hence, they do not take the required daily-recommended dose of calcium, which is essential for bone development and strength. Unlike milk, soda is not really a health drink that actively promotes strong bones among children. The truth is, soda consumption has actually been linked to osteoporosis and bone density loss. Researchers have found that this is most likely because of the phosphoric acid, as well as the caffeine, present in sodas. Phosphoric acid is also widely used in fertilizers, livestock feed, soaps, polishes, dyes, polishing metals and in many other non-food products. It is put in sodas to enhance the sharpness of the taste, along with preventing mold from developing in the sugary drink.

Soda Even Has a Correlation to Asthma

Soda Even Has a Correlation to AsthmaChildren who regularly consume sodas are more likely to develop asthma or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD). People consuming too much soda, including children, were twice as much prone to develop either of those breathing conditions as those who refrain from drinking it altogether. The research shows a dose-response relationship, meaning the more soda consumed, the higher the chances of developing these diseases.

Soda Is Bad For Your Pearly Whites

Soda Is Bad For Your Pearly WhitesSugar is the worst thing to offer to kids as it destroys their oral health considerably. Moreover, the abnormal levels of sugar and acids contained in the soda are also extremely unhealthy for the kids. Hence, the American Dental Association has actually been suggesting for quite some time now, that parents restrict their children’s consumption of soda. What distinguishes soda as so bad for our teeth is the fact that bacteria feed themselves from the loads of sugar that exist in soda. This produces a kind of acid that erode the teeth enamel However, that is not the only real reasons that sodas are harmful for your child’s oral health. The extremely high levels of phosphorus acid literally corrode our teeth, almost as badly as drinking battery acid.

Soda Is Addictive

Soda Is AddictiveAmong the numerous reasons, why it makes sense to under no circumstances, let your kids drink soda is because of the addictive properties it contains. Caffeine as a main ingredient in all soda drinks is the most often used mood – altering drug on the earth. Caffeine is detrimental for our heart and it may result in an unpleasant incident involving the heart. Caffeine could potentially cause mental addiction that is as good as any other drug. Children are not protected from addiction. On the other hand, sugar addiction causes other cravings. Choosing diet soda instead is certainly not a suitable alternative as they are equally dangerous.

Soda Produces Unhealthy Behavior

Soda Produces Unhealthy BehaviourNumerous reasons and concerns potentially cause unhealthy behavior in children who regularly or frequently consume soda. The unhealthy contents in soda right from caffeine, sugar, artificial coloring, additives and sweeteners, lead to sudden spurt and drop in blood sugar levels. According to several surveys most mothers stated that kids post soda consumption, exhibited violent tendencies of being more aggressive, withdrawn with concentration and attention problems.

Soda Has an Unhealthy Impact on Childhood Diabetes

Childhood DiabetesIn laboratory research, mice were fed with sugar substitute called aspartame, a content that exist in soda. The research revealed that due to effects of aspartame the mice developed pre diabetic symptoms such as glucose intolerance one of the major indicators of metabolic disorders and onset of adult (type2) diabetes. Nevertheless, reducing the quantity of consumption does not cut down the risk of type 2 diabetes for a single 12oz bottle of soda increases the risk owing to the huge loads of sugar offering 150 calories and 40 grams of carbohydrate, amounting to the same as 10 teaspoons of sugar. Besides, consuming one or two sugar-laden drinks such as soda elevates the risk of developing type2 diabetes by 26%.

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