10 Things you should tell someone before starting a relationship with them. Must read!

10 Things you should tell someone before starting a relationship with them. Must read!

Before you take the leap of faith and before you actually vow to make this new person your significant partner, you have to make sure that they know and they are willing to accept the following things about you:

Your political views

You have to be clear in the very start about which political leaders you are supporting, what ideologies you can relate with, as well as the reason behind all your views.

Your relationship with your ex

The relationship that you actually have with your ex depends completely on how you have ended it and the conditions just follow. Whatever the case may be, you are responsible towards one thing: you have to let your partner know exactly what kind of relationship you and your ex still shares because this is something that can actually affect your new relationship.

Your thoughts about money

This is not something that you only talk about with your partner if you are getting married or moving in together. If you have decided to get serious about your relationship with someone, they should know your exact thoughts on money because money can become a sensitive topic sooner. If you are someone who spends a lot and has unlimited access to money, they must know that.

Your future plans

It is not fair to your partner if you let them begin something, fall in love with you, and then move off to a whole new place in the future. Maybe they would have never agreed to this kind of relationship if they knew it would eventually become a long distance relationship.

Your employment status

There is nothing wrong with this circumstances but if you are unemployed and your partner will firstly have to pay for most of the things, they should be prepared for it. Similarly, if you are always drowned in work and will have a short time to discuss throughout the day, they should be prepared for that as well.

The relationship you share with your family

If your relationship with your family has the possibility to hinder with this new relationship that you have in your life, then you will not be able to hide it. It is better to let him know in the very start than to wait for him to get startled or even a bit creep-out.

Your expectations from relationship

You can’t actually expect that your partner to become a mind-reader and to know all of these things all by themselves about what exactly you need from this relationship because if you do, it will most definitely lead to a major disappointment.

Your exact need for alone time

There are two types of people in the world. The first are the people who can’t even stand being alone and need someone most of the time to keep them company. The second one are the kind of people who need to take some time off and be away from everyone around them after some intervals, notwithstanding of whether they are in a relationship or not. Whichever kind of person you are, your partner has the right to know so that they can adjust their life accordingly and give you your time for yourself.

Your level of jealousy

A little bit of jealousy is part of a healthy relationship. It feels nice to know that your partner values you enough to actually question some things that they are uncomfortable with. But if you have a habit crossing over from that “little bit” to a “whole lot” in a matter of days, if you are about to turn on your psycho mode whenever your partner is out with their friends or away from you at any point, if you can’t actually tolerate the thought of someone else being close to them, then this is something that they should be aware of.

Your need for privacy

Some people have this habit of giving their phone password, their Facebook account, as well as the password to all of their email addresses and accounts, and completely anything personal that you can actually think of, to their partner as soon as they have entered a relationship. But there are still numerous people who wish to keep their privacy in this situation even when they don’t have anything to hide. Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t actually mean that you have to give up all of your privacy. So be clear about your views and opinion on this from the very start.