10 Things That Everyone Needs To Know About Their Blood Type! Must Read!

Every person is born with one of 4 different blood types: A, B, AB, and O. Each type of blood has their own characteristics and is reflected on what each specific person needs.

This article aims to inform you of the 10 facts surrounding different blood types.

1. Blood Type and Nutrition
Blood is bodily fluid that supplies essential substances and nutrients – such as sugar, oxygen, and hormones – to our cells. Naturally, blood plays a huge role in a person’s overall nutrition. People should shift their diets, depending on their blood type.

– People with blood type A should eat more vegetables and less meat.
– The opposite is true for people with blood type O – they need more protein and need meat/fish more often.
– A person with blood type B should avoid eating chicken and move on to red meat.
– A person with blood type AB should stick to seafood and lean meat.

2. Blood Type and Disease
Some diseases are more prominent in certain blood types than others. Find out what your blood type is and which diseases your blood type is more prone to having.

3. Blood Type and Personality
Studies say that personality is linked to the blood type of each person. While this isn’t a definitive list of the type of person you are based on your blood, it can give you a general idea of the common traits associated with each blood type,

Blood type O – Extravert, Social, Confident, and Creative
Blood type B – Goal-Oriented, Independent, and Strong-Willed
Blood type A – Trustworthy, Peaceful, and Artistically-Minded
Blood type AB – Shy, Reliable, Responsible, and Cares for Others

4. Blood Type and Pregnancy
It would appear that some blood types have a higher chance of conception while others don’t. Blood type seems to influence the amount of a hormone called follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)

Women with AB blood produce less follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) while women with type O blood might produce more. This means that a woman with blood type AB has a higher chance of getting pregnant than that of her type O counterpart.

5. Blood Type and Stress
Different blood types have different reactions to stress and stressful situation. People with blood type O have shorter tempers and higher levels of adrenalin.

6. Blood Type and Body Type
Blood types also influence our physique. People with blood type O are more prone to tummy fat while people with blood type A are less likely to develop it.

7. Blood Type And Exercise
People should know what their blood type is, in order to find exercises that are more suited to them.

Blood type O – Thrive on more intense exercise and stricter diet.
Blood type B – More balanced: can endure relaxing exercises as well as weight-lifting and cardio.
Blood type A – More prone to stress and should include more relaxing exercises like Yoga, Tai-chi, etc.
Blood type AB – Should find and combine aspects of A and B type exercises to use

8. Blood Type and Marriage
Certain blood types are more compatible than others. People with blood type A should not mix with people with blood type B. This is because of the RH factor – RH+ and RH- should not mix. Some states in the US require their couples to undergo a blood test before they are married.

9. Blood Antigens
Blood antigens are not only present in blood but in other areas of the body as well – such as the nostrils and lungs, from the mouth to the colon and in-between the digestive tract.

10. Blood Type and Emergencies
It’s important to always have your personal information with you at all times. Blood type is just as important as your phone number, address, name, social security number and a list of allergies.