10 Surprising use of Vaseline that you didn’t know! Must Read!

Aside of being a beauty care product, Vaseline contains a lot of applicable uses that will make you want to have a jar of it at home. It helps to get rid of stains, defends valuables, and avoids squeaks and a lot more.

Here are the 10 uncommon uses of Vaseline that people don’t considered:

1. Prevents Messy Manicure
If you are going to do a manicure, make sure to bring a jar of Vaseline with you. Petroleum jelly can help you in order to make your manicures look more attractive and also to avoid nail polish from dulling your skin.

  • Drop some Vaseline into the base of your nails and to its sides.
  • Now use the favourite shade of your nail polish.
  • Wait until the polish dry completely.
  • When it’s done wipe away the petroleum jelly and the untidy nail polish by using a wet tissue.

2. Lengthens the Life of Perfume
To make the scent of your perfume last longer than the usual, try to use Vaseline because it will also make your skin moisturized.

  • Rub a little portion of Vaseline on your pulses such as wrists, neck, cleavage, in the back of the ears, armpits and the like.
  • Spray your favourite perfume along your pulse points.
  • Do not rub the areas because it can change the way your perfume smells due to friction.

3. Protects Skin from Hair Dye
You can use Vaseline in order to stop hair dye from making your skin look dirty. It builds an effective barrier between the hair dye and your skin.

  • Put gently the Vaseline around your hairline as well as the back of your neck.
  • Now put the dye on your hair. The dye won’t easily go down into your skin.
  • After you wash your hair you will not notice any spot of dye on your skin.

4. Get rids of Makeup Stains
In order to remove these makeup stains, you will only need a jar of Vaseline.

  • Apply some Vaseline in the dirty part of the piece of your clothe.
  • Wait for about 10 minutes then use a paper towel to remove the stain off.
  • Lastly, wash away the item as usual and the stains will be removed easily.

5. Regenerates Shines for Leather Items
Vaseline and could effectively repair the lost shine and softness of your leather items.

  • Spread over some Vaseline to the leather items.
  • Wipe off the excess using a soft cloth and it will appear shinier than the usual.

6. Prevents Ants on getting on your Pet’s Food
All you have to do is to put the some jelly around the entire dish of your pet. The ants will be discouraged to go near due to its lubricous barrier made by the petroleum jelly.

7. Quiets Squeaky Doors
Apply some of it along the hinges of noisy doors to stop them from making noise. You can also use this with a paintbrush on window sash channel and on cabinet doors runners.

8. Gets rid of Chewing Gum from Surfaces
In order to remove the chewing gum from a wooden surface, use some petroleum jelly in the unpleasant wad and rub it softly until the gum begins to loosen its grip and then you can finally get rid of it.

9. Masks Doorknobs from Paint
Place a little amount of petroleum jelly in the door hinges, glass windows, knobs, edges and the like. Once you have done painting, just wipe away the jelly with a dishcloth and the excess paints and stains will be all gone.

10. Prevent Shampoo Tears
All you have to do is to put a fair amount of Vaseline into the eyebrows of your child. It will protect the eyes of your child against the shampoo that runs down into his eyes.

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