10 Reasons why it is harder for strong women to find true love.

Here are the 10 reason why it is harder for strong woman to find true love:

1. A lot of strong women never settle. They have extremely high expectations and standards and even when they really into someone, they will choose to walk away if that guy does not treat them right and when that guy does not met their expectation. They know exactly what kind of person that they deserve and nothing in this world can make them compromise on this.

2. These kinds of women are not afraid to speak from their heart. They are not actually scared of questioning another person about the lies they have told or the things they have done wrong. They also know how to stand up for themselves. This is also the reason why these kinds of women have been labeled as ‘intimidating.’

3. A strong woman doesn’t need a man in their life. They might feel a need for love and affection in life buy they will never ever need a man in order to feel complete. Love is always a choice for them, not something that they dreadfully need to fill their lonely hearts. They are completely contented with the life that they already have and love can only be a good addition to their life, and it is not a necessity.

4. A strong woman knows how to easily move on. She knows when to let go of things and she will never be become that kind of person who will beg for someone to stay or to give a man another chance. She does this because she is always confident that she will be able to survive and that life has something better in store for her.

5. Strong women can never tolerate being treated like a second choice or option. They will never allow it. They appreciate complete devotion and commitment. Anything less than this is always a deal breaker for them.

6. A strong woman does not play by the rules, not in life and definitely not in love. They don’t restrain themselves to the limitations that were set by the society. Therefore, do not expect a strong woman to follow the common dating practices or to play everything safe. She can actually surprise you with her bold and daring nature. And she will never shy away from doing everything using her power to get whatever she really wants.

7. A strong woman knows how to face rejection. She has the ability to handle it effortlessly. She is not afraid of hearing the word “no”, she has heard it before and she might even hear it all over again but this will never stop her from trying. A strong woman faces more rejections in life because she actually has the courage to go out there and even ask for what she wants instead of just waiting for things to finally come to her. So the more risks that she takes, the more rejections she tends to face. But all of these rejections became her inspiration and made her what she is now, a strong woman.

8. Strong woman tend to ask all the hardest questions. They will ask a guy all of the questions he always tries to evade. They will actually ask where this relationship stands and where the future will lead them to. They will also ask whether they can meet your friends and family to become more involved in your life. These women are very curious and passionate about doing everything that life has to offer, and dating is not an exception to this.

9. Strong women have had their heart-broken long time ago. They might act like they are unbreakable. They might actually act like nothing in this world has the power to affect them. But the fact is, they have already fallen in love before. They have gotten their-heart broken and they do know what pain really feels like. And this reason made them what they are now, wiser, and not indifferent. They still have a lot of lot to give to the world, but they just want to make sure who really deserves it.

10. A strong woman does not need confirmation from the people that surrounds her. She only needs validation from her own success, her own work, her own group of friends, and the way she lives her life. She knows that the right person will actually come along when the right time has come. And she will never let a relationship define her worth or even her life.

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