10 Healthy Habits You Should Be Following to Keep Cancer at Bay

Habits You Should Be Following to Keep Cancer at BayThe term ‘Cancer’ is a derivative of the Latin word ‘Crab’. This signifies the dreadfully creepy, slow progression of the disease. There is a common conception that cancer is a distinctive (single) disease. However, what most of us fail to understand is the fact that cancer is a disease involving innumerable cells .This occurs due to varied aspects ranging from an unhealthy diet to common infections that become chronic and turn hazardous. Nevertheless, making small lifestyle changes, helps prevent the impending dangers of this toxic disease, which if detected late may prove fatal. Therefore, here are ten useful dos and don’ts to remain healthy and escape the effects of this disease.

Cancer in Brief

Cancer SourceThe human body contains several types of cells that form the matrix for survival. These constitute the major organs and the tissues in the body, which contains the genetic material, known as the DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid). This (DNA) performs the crucial role of directing the cells for overall development and functioning of the organs and tissues in the body. Therefore, each gene performs a very distinct role either alone or in conjunction with other cells. These divide into new cells and supersede the old detrimental ones. This process goes on in a systematic pattern for effective functionality of the body. However, cancer occurs with any abnormal changes that take place within a single cell. Generally, the body cells recognise the abnormality and try to repair or destroy that particular abnormal cell. Yet, in cases of cancer, it divides rapidly and forms a group that often cause swelling or a lump in various areas of the body known as tumour. Although not all tumours are cancerous, some of them affect the adjoining healthy cells and metastasize to other places.

Cancer Source

There is a general misconception that cancer is genetic and that those without a family history stay rather safe from this dreadful disease. However, researchers have confirmed that genetic factors play only a minor role while most other causes are due to faulty lifestyle habits. Nevertheless, following healthy lifestyle consuming a balanced diet combined with exercise sure helps safeguard the body from this disease.

Lifestyle Tips to Prevent Cancer

Making wise choices in terms of diet and lifestyle habits help protect the body from this lethal disease. So, here are ten useful tips remain healthy without succumbing to cancer.

1) Kick Your Bad Habits

Kick Your Bad Habits to prevent cancerThe major cause and risk factor for most lung cancers is long-term use of tobacco. Besides affecting the lungs, tobacco also happens to be a major culprit for various other types of cancer. Hence, it is crucial to quit smoking in order to maintain good health. Another risk factor for occurrences of cancer is consuming alcohol. This creates a negative impact on the body and can cause seven types of cancer in the oesophagus, mouth, larynx, pharynx, colon, rectum, liver and breast. Since there is no safe level of alcohol drinking, giving up completely sure proves beneficial.

2) Maintain a Healthy BMI (Body Mass Index)

Maintain a Healthy BMI to avoid cancer
Besides kicking the bad habits, maintaining a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) is extremely important to enjoy optimal health. This is because being overweight increases the risk of certain cancers such as the breast, ovaries, uterus, pancreas, kidney, colon and oesophagus. Hence, it is imperative to have an ideal BMI of 25 to 29 to prevent cancer.

3) Be On the Move

Being physically active is vital for maintaining an ideal BMI. Physical activity for at least half an hour a day besides preventing diseases of the heart and lungs also protects the body from cancer. Research shows that being on the move helps balance the hormones in the body and keep them healthy. Higher hormone levels in the body pose a possible risk of developing various types of cancer. Furthermore, there is scientific evidence to prove that being active prevents the risk of breast, colorectal and endometrial cancers in women of menopausal age. In addition, regular exercise strengthens the immune and digestive health and keeps them healthy by improving resistance.Be On the Move to avoid cancer

4) Go Green for Health

Consuming a plant based diet comprising of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, Legumes and pulses have loads of phytochemicals. These substances defend and secure the body cells and tissues from damages that normally result in cancer. The fibre content in whole grains protect from occurrences of colorectal cancers, while fruits and veggies protect from cancers of the stomach, lung, throat, mouth and oesophagus. Above all these prevent weight gain and help retain ideal body weight. Hence, consume four plus servings of salad a week to remain cancer proof.

5) Say No to Junk Foods

According to multiple studies junk and processed foods oozing with unhealthy fats along with excessive sugar and salt lead to weight gain and obesity. Consequently being overweight and obese increases the risk of most cancers. Hence, it is imperative to avoid high calorie junk food and opt for low calorie plant based food, which keeps the body healthy.

Limit Red Meat to prevent cancer6) Limit Red Meat

Loaded with high fat content, Red meats like beef, pork, lamb, salami, ham and bacon cause inflammation in the body, which happens to be one of the major culprits for risk of cancer. Moreover, haem, a substance that provides the pigment for red meats have a tendency to harm the lining of the colon, thus increasing the risk of colorectal cancer. Furthermore processed meats that are preserved with salting, smoking and added preservatives form carcinogens, the cancer causing substances that has a possible risk of cell destruction and cancer.

7) Cut Down On Salt

Including too much salt in your diet tends to affect the stomach lining paving the way for stomach cancer. In addition processed canned and packaged ready to eat foods contain hidden salts despite the low sodium label. Hence, it is wise to choose foods that contain no salt. However to enhance flavours include bay leaf, basil leaves, ginger, garlic, lemon, cinnamon, black or red pepper while cooking to avoid using more salt.

8) Don’t Depend On Supplements

A well balanced diet consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole foods provide the required nutrients to enjoy optimal health. According to certain studies, supplements in some cases increase the possible risk of developing cancer. Nevertheless, for specific health issues ass in the case of pregnancy, nursing and elderly people the health practitioner may prescribe supplements tailored to specific needs.

9) Nurse Your Baby

Nurse Your BabyBreastfeeding your baby reduces risk of breast cancers as this reduces the levels of cancer related hormones in the feeding mother’s body. At the end of the six-month feeding, schedule the mothers do away with the breast cells with possible DNA damages. Furthermore, research reveals those breasts fed babies are less likely to develop cancer compared to babies that were fed on instant formula. This is because breast fed babies maintain a healthy body weight and have improved metabolism and immunity.

10) Wear a Sunscreen

One of the most common types of cancers is Melanoma. However, the good news is that this type of cancer is preventable. This often occurs due to excessive sun exposure and UV radiation. Therefore, it is advisable to cover your head with a hat, scarf or an umbrella to protect from the sun’s rays. In addition, wear a sunscreen consisting of SSPF 30 or more helps protect the skin from damages. During summer, it is crucial to remain indoors and avoid going out in the sun between eleven in the morning to four in the evening as the sun is at its hottest during this time.

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