10 Foods to avoid if you have diabetes! Must Learn!

Diet plays an important role in controlling diabetes. There are variety of foods that can actually help in lowering the chance of obtaining diabetes as well as helping you to control the blood sugar levels. On the other hand, there are definite foods that can aggravate its symptoms and medical impediments.

Here are the 10 worst foods for diabetics as well as the people who are at risk of developing diabetes.

  1. White Bread

White bread is the main component in a lot of breakfast menu all over the world. It is effortless and is actually convenient to have a slice of white bread or two with some jam or butter before leaving the house. But for those people who suffers from diabetes, white bread is not a good choice.


  1. Sugar-Loaded Breakfast Cereals

When you are running late in the morning, you actually run out of time to cook or eat anything and just end up on eating a bowl of cereal. But little did we know that there are a lot of kinds of breakfast cereals that are packed with fast-digesting carbohydrates and sugar which makes them high on the glycemic index (GI). When you eat these kind of cereals, your body can rapidly break it down that can actually increase the level of your blood sugar.


  1. Fatty Meats

Fatty or the marbled cuts of meat are not suitable for those people who suffers from diabetes or even to those people who are at risk of diabetes.


  1. Soda

Sweetened sodas are extremely popular in American but little did they know that it is a bad beverage choice for those people who suffers from diabetes because it contains a high sugar and calorie level.


  1. Canned Fruit Juice

Canned fruit juice may be a convenient way making certain about regular consumption of fruit, but it is not suitable for those people who suffers from diabetes or at risk of this kind of disease.

  1. White Rice

White rice is very common in Asian countries as well as other countries in the world. But because it is highly processed, white rice can also cause an increased in blood sugar levels which is similar to sugar.

White rice contains high GI score and it also lacks nutrients such as fiber and magnesium. The more white rice that you consume, the higher the chance of having Type 2 diabetes and the tougher it is to maintain the level of your blood sugar.

  1. Potatoes and French Fries

Eating potatoes whether it is baked, boiled, mashed or made as French fries on a daily basis is harmful for those people who suffers from diabetes.

This is due to the starch that potatoes contain that is made out of long strings of glucose which breaks down easily in the intestine. As the starch is immersed in the bloodstream, it results to a sudden increase in blood sugar levels.

  1. Pancakes or Waffles with Syrup

Even though it is easy to make and it is tasty to eat, pancakes are another food that should be avoided by the people who has a higher risk of having diabetes.

Not only pancakes but also waffles that are usually made with refined white flour that are commonly topped with butter and a huge amount of sugary syrup which is usually a high-fructose corn syrup. Both butter and sugary syrup can result to a greater increase in the level of blood sugar.


  1. Sugary Fruits

Fruits are commonly a healthy option for each and every one. Most of them are healthy for those people who suffers from diabetics but the ones that contains a high sugar level are not.

  1. Flavored Coffee

A normal cup of black coffee which contains no sugar is perfectly fine for a prediabetes. The problem only rises when you are about to go to your local coffee shop that serves a large sized Frappuccino and white Chocolate Mocha or any other beverage of this kind.


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