10 dangerous reasons why you can’t get a goodnight’s sleep and how to fix them

Lack of sleep a day can lead to numerous dangerous and harmful side effects.

Everything from the memory of the people, from their looks to their facial expressions, from their weight to their entire health can be affected by lack of sleep, particularly if the habit becomes chronic.

Here are the most surprising reasons on why you can’t sleep:

Maybe some of these reasons, you can’t actually control, but others require only the smallest of tweaks in order to assist you in hitting the hay in no time.

  1. Having a full bladder

A lot of people consume a glass of water before going to bed, but this practice can actually keep you up at night. You might have to get up at least once or twice during the night just to go to the bathroom. Instead, avoid drinking an hour or two before you decide to go to sleep.

Using Facebook until the late hours of night

The monitor of your computer can actually stimulate the brain due to its brightness. Prevent yourself from late-at-night surfing and provide yourself some time to wind down without electronics. You will see that after a little while, it will be easier to fell asleep in bed.

Sleeping positions

You could be sleeping in a kind of position that is harmful to your entire health. They have said that the best position is the “Sleeping Beauty” position on your side, not sleeping on both of your back and stomach. The other positions have the ability to wreck the curve of your spine and could even lead to snoring.

Bringing a book to bed

If you have spent the last period reading a book before going to sleep, your body has amended to that routine already. Therefore, if you try to catch some shut-eye without even reading, you will possibly run into some problems.

Bright room

You can try to make your room as dark as possible and utilize a clock with glowing dimmer or no number at all.

Sleeping on a bad mattress

A good kind of mattress assists you to get a restful sleep without feeling lumps and bumps digging into your back. In addition to that, there will be more moisture wicking compounds that will make you comfortable all throughout the night.

Going to bed on a full stomach

When you are about to go to sleep on a full stomach, your body doesn’t have enough time to digest it. This actually means that your body will be working overtime to begin digestion and will keep you awake later. It is advised to avoid eating for at least two hours before going to bed.

Cold feet

Your cold feet are possibly keeping you awake all night. Take a pair of socks and maybe a heating pad in order to aid in improving the circulation, as well as making you fell asleep easier.

Drinking a night time coffee

Caffeine is known as a stimulant that increases your heart beat and can hinder you from having a good night sleep for at least four hours after your cup of coffee.

Does not keep up a sleep schedule

Your body actively responds to daily routine, so if your bedtime is all over the map, your mind will not be able to prepare itself to snooze at the right time.

The “Sleeping Beauty” position that was mentioned earlier is said to be the most natural position for your spine.

Go and get your sleep more sleep! We all know that your mood for the next day will depend on how good your sleep was on the night and these sleeps accumulated time may be the reason behind your headache the next morning.

At least get 8 hours of sleep for your own good health.

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