10 Common reasons you don't know that causes peptic ulcer! Must Learn!

10 Common reasons you don’t know that causes peptic ulcer! Must Learn!

Peptic ulcer or also known as a stomach ulcer is a painful hole along the lining in the stomach or duodenum or the beginning of the small intestine. Individuals at any age can obtain an ulcer regardless of their gender whether men or women.

Ulcers are the reason behind the chronic stomach pain which greatly affects the appetite which leads to nausea, vomiting or bleeding along the digestive tract.

Here are the most common causes that lead to peptic ulcer:

1. Helicobacter Pylori Bacterial Infection
An infection that ascends from helicobacter pylori (h. pylori) bacteria is one of the most typical reasons for having peptic ulcer. It has never been clear on how does an h. pylori infection spreads, but it is said that it can possibly transferred from one individual to another through close contact. H. pylori bacteria might also go inside the body through food and water.

2. Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
Another common cause of ulcer is the intake of Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs which are also known as the nsaids. Both non-prescription and prescription nsaids could irritate or intensify the lining of your stomach and small intestine which results to an ulcer.

Prescribe nsaids are regularly taken for weeks or months which leads to more harmful effects to the digestive tract lining compared to the over-the-counter nsaids which are taken for shorter period of time.

3. Alcoholic Beverages
Even though a light volume of drinking will not lead you to an ulcer, still, experts’ claims that drinking is a factor in which a person might get an ulcer.

As a matter of fact, moderate drinking could actually help your stomach to avoid h. pylori bacteria which contains a high risk of having an ulcer. But then, drinking too much may possibly irritate the stomach lining which can cause inflammation.

4. Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome
One of the most uncommon reasons behind having an ulcer is the Zollinger-Ellison syndrome. It is an unusual condition where in one or more tumors might evident in your pancreas or the upper part of your small intestine that is known as the duodenum.

These kinds of tumor discharge excessive amounts of the hormone gastrin that leads to too much acid in the stomach which might damage the lining. The additional acids are the main cause of getting peptic ulcer, diarrhea and the like.

5. Too Much Salt
Too much of salt consumption is one of the major cause of having a peptic ulcer.
In fact, a high consumption of salt brings on gene activity in h. pylori which makes them more poisonous. An infection gained from h. pylori bacteria is one of the main reasons behind peptic ulcer.

6. Excess Stress
Even though there is no scientific explanation between the connection of stress either emotional or mental and ulcer, still, experts’ claims that stress increases the risk of getting an ulcer.

Stress can actually affect the stomach especially the production of acid. It could trigger an increase in the production of stomach acid which most likely causes an inflammation.

7. Family History
One of the risk factors in acquiring an ulcer is the family or personal history regarding to ulcers. Having a family history of medical conditions increases your risk in getting those exact conditions as their and ulcers are not an exception.

8. Hypercalcemia
Hypercalcemia is an overproduction of calcium which most likely leads to ulcer. When someone suffers from Hypercalcemia, the blood that he carries has an above-normal level of calcium.

9. High Caffeine Intake
High consumption of caffeine is another reason behind the development of peptic ulcer. Caffeine increases the release of the acids in the stomach that most likely leads to an ulcer.

Caffeine is given to help quicken the process of gastric emptying which causes the high acid level in the stomach. This acid travels into the small intestine a lot faster than the usual.

10. Low levels of Melatonin
Another cause behind having an ulcer is the low levels of melatonin. Low lightning activates the melatonin growth in the pineal gland.