10 Birth control pills side effects that you may not know! Must Read!

Women take the pill by mouth to prevent pregnancy, and, when taken correctly, it is up to 99.9% effective. However, the pill does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV (the virus that causes AIDS). The latex male condom provides the best protection from most STDs. Other types of combined estrogen and progestin hormonal contraception include the patch and the vaginal ring.

Common birth control pill side effects

It is often used because it makes your menstrual cramps easier, and slows down the menstrual cycle. However, this may appear to be a good thing, but it actually disrupt your body’s natural process.

1. Mood Swings
Birth control pills contain progestin, and some have estrogen too. Both of these hormones affect mood.

2. Missed periods
It is not unusual for women who are taking hormone pills for birth control to have very light periods or no bleeding at all.

3. Decreased libido
For most women, birth control pills don’t affect their desire to have sex. But some women have been reported to loose their libido or sexual desires.

4. Vaginal discharge
Progestin in hormone-based birth control generally causes a heavy vaginal discharge, due to the over-stimulation of the cervix by excessive progesterone. The artificial hormones Progestin and Conjugated Estrogen can cause spotting from the uterine lining.

5. Blood clots
The most common side effect of birth control contraceptives. Birth control triples your chances of having blood clots, while pregnancy and childbirth increase your chances five to ten fold. If you experience any signs of blood clot, such as swollen leg or chest pain, immediately stop the pill and consult your doctor for an evaluation.

6. Abnormal Bleeding
Many women find that taking a birth control pill makes their periods lighter and less painful. However, the pill can sometimes cause bleeding and spotting between periods.

7. Destroys Good Digestive Bacteria
estrogen can irritate the stomach. Pills that contain a high dose of estrogen, especially emergency contraceptive pills, are more likely to cause stomach upset than pills that have a lower dose of this hormone.

8. Breast tenderness
This side effect tends to improve a few weeks after starting the pill, but anyone who finds a lump in the breast or who has persistent pain or tenderness or severe breast pain should seek medical help.

9. Headaches
The sex hormones have an effect on the development of headaches and migraine. Pills with different types and doses of hormone may result in different headache symptoms. Some studies have previously suggested that headaches are least likely to occur with pills that contain low doses of hormones.6

10. Weight gain
Fat cells can also be affected by the estrogen in birth control pills, although the hormone causes the cells to become larger rather than more numerous.7

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