The reason behind appendicitis and its possible complications! Must Read!

The reason behind appendicitis and its possible complications! Must Read!

Many of us had actually though that the reason behind appendicitis is caused by running around after having a heavy meal or eating a fruit which contains a lot of seeds. But all of these were wrong!

Appendicitis is the irritation of the appendix which is a 3 1/2-inch-long tube of tissue that extends from the large intestine. The appendix comprises a specialized tissue which can actually produce antibodies, but nobody is undeniably assured what is its function is. One this is for sure: We are not able to live without it in our body without apparent consequences.

Once it was left untreated, a swollen appendix will eventually surge or perforate which will actually spill infectious materials into the abdominal cavity. This can lead to peritonitis or a severe inflammation of the abdominal cavity’s linings which is known as the peritoneum that can be deadly unless it is treated hurriedly with strong antibiotics.


Moreover, the cause of appendicitis has not been recognized as of today. However, the entry of germs such as bacteria, viruses and fungi commonly perform deployment in the appendix. These germs do the infection and the inflammation increases.

Several types of bacteria that can cause appendicitis are bacteroides, salmonella, adenovirus, measles, shigella, until mucormycosis fungal and histoplasmosis infection.


Appendicitis requires to be treated as soon as possible. Interruption in treatment might result to the enlargement of some severe complications of the disease. When the pressure in the appendix increase, the level of blood which passes through the wall of the appendix will be lessen. This can lead to blood deficiency and may result to death.

For that reason, the handling of the appendicitis is an emergency. Particularly if the intestine is about to break, infection in the abdominal cavity becomes heavier.
Patience with appendicitis are may experience blood infection which is called sepsis that causes fatality risk. Surgical removal of the appendix is highly required in order to stop the infection and not cause further complications or even worse, death.

Appendicitis can be avoided by sustaining a healthy diet. It is also suggested to eat foods which are rich in fiber. Additionally, high exposure to air pollution and western style of foods can actually cause this kind of disease.