5 Natural Skin Moisturizers

The unhealthy and hectic lifestyle today causes the skin to lose its natural radiance and lustre and make it look dull, dehydrated and aged. Here are some natural skin moisturizers that can help rejuvenate the skin in no time and make it look youthful and glowing.


1.     Honey

Honey: A Natural Skin Mositurizer

The anti septic, anti inflammatory and anti microbial property of honey make it a wonder cure for treating and preventing acne, dermal infections and rashes while soothing the skin. The essential oils and nutrients present in honey are natural humectants that treat and keep away dermal dryness and dehydration thereby promoting clear, moisturised and rejuvenated skin.


2.     Avocado

Avocado: Natural Skin Moisturizer

Avocado is an alkali fruit which is rich in essential fats and vitamin A,D and E. They help to retain the moisture and maintain optimum water levels in the skin. The excellent emollient property and trans-epidermal penetration capacity of this fruit helps the essential oils present in it to seep into the skin and keep the spaces between the epidermal cells well lubricated. It thus nourishes and hydrates the skin from deep within and prevents dryness, dullness and ageing on the skin effectively.


3.     Olive oil

Olive Oil: Natural Skin Moisturizer

Olive oil contains linoleic acid which is extremely helpful in hydrating and nourishing the skin, eliminating patchiness of the skin and maintaining its moisture balance. The lipid builds water barriers which prevent the skin from losing the vital moisture and there helps to keep the dryness and scaliness of the skin at bay. The antioxidants present in this oil protect the skin against sun damage, psoriasis, eczema, inflammations etc and help to create smooth, soft, healthy and youthful skin.


4.     Butter milk

buttermilk: Natural Skin Moisturizer

Butter milk helps to make the skin even toned, smooth, glowing and ageless. It is rich lactic acid, which is a form of hydroxyl acid and is known to render multiple benefits to the skin. It helps to exfoliate the skin, remove dirt, dry and dead skin cells and restore moisture levels on the dermis. It relieves skin irritation and eliminates the problem of patchy skin.


5.     Aloe Vera

Aloe-Vera: Natural Skin Moisturizer

The potent antioxidants and essential vitamins present in Aloe Vera help in eliminating dermal pigmentation, repairing damaged skin cells and creating new skin cells thereby keeping the dermis rejuvenating and revitalising. It restores the moisture level of the skin to ensure the ideal radiant and healthy skin. Its antimicrobial property also makes it useful in treating acne and skin rash effectively.

Avocado: The Veritable Fruit of Paradise

Eating Avocado health benefitsThe most wholesome of all fruits, Avocados are a delectable combo of proteins as found in meat, and fat in butter. A predominant source of essential nutrients custom made for culinary and other uses, the wholesomeness of the avocado fruit is rather unbeatable given their potent antioxidant elements offering several health benefits.


Avocado Nutritional Elements

Avocados contain important nutritional elements as A, B, C, E and K Vitamins, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, iron and copper. Besides these, they are also a good source of protein fibre, and numerous phytochemicals as lutein, glutathione and beta-sitosterol, that prevent the onset of dreadful diseases.

 avocado fruit health benefits

Benefits of Avocados for Health

Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Avocados containing loads of monounsaturated fats and soluble fibre helps regulate blood sugar levels and reverse insulin resistance. The high levels of potassium content help stabilise blood pressure levels thus preventing hypertension. The increased folate levels in the creamy fruit also prevent the onset of stroke. In addition to this, Avocados being an excellent source of monounsaturated oleic acid ease the deadly Low Density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol and helps boost levels of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL).All these factors including the essential heart nutrients present in avocados such as folic acid and vitamin B6 help stabilise the homocysteine levels in the heart.  Any elevation in the levels provides an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. Apart from all this glutathione and vitamin E that help prevent cholesterol oxidisation also sustains cardiac health.


Facilitates Absorption of Nutrients

Owing to their raw fat content, which proves beneficial, avocados taken in conjunction with other healthy foods, enable better assimilation of fat-soluble nutrients such as lutein, alpha and beta-carotene substances.


Battles Dangerous Free Radicals

Avocados consisting of potent antioxidant substances such as glutathione, helped absorb three to five times more carotenoid antioxidant substances that combat the deadly free radicals thereby protecting the body from serious life threatening diseases.


Inhibits and Destroys Cancer Cells 

According to various studies, the oleic acid present in avocados protects and destroys the cancerous cells especially in the prostate for men and for women in the breasts.


Encourages Weight Loss

It is rather surprising to note that despite being high in calories and fat, Avocados aid weight loss keeping you fit and healthy. This is mainly because the fat content present in the fruit contain monounsaturated fatty acids that when compared with saturated fats accelerate body metabolism. The high levels of fat content in the fruit impart instant satiety averting the tendency to binge on foods laden with saturated fats and empty calories. [Check out more fruits aiding weight loss]


Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Avocadoes own phytonutrient substances such as polyphenols and flavonoids offer anti-inflammatory properties, thereby reducing occurrences of anti-inflammatory diseases as arthritis and degenerative disorders as macular degeneration.


Offers Anti-Aging Benefits

Avocados packed with potent antioxidant substances offer anti ageing benefits. The glutathione element in avocados helps enhance immune health, thereby preventing age-related disorders, delaying the process of ageing. [Check here some more foods for anti-ageing benefits]


Essential Skin Care

The avocado oil included in various cosmetic products as a main substance keeps the skin translucent and glowing. Besides this it helps treat various skin disorders as psoriasis, eliminating skin irritation and redness. [Check out here some avocado face masks for healthy glowing skin]

Fruity Secrets for Peaches and Cream Complexion


fruits for skin

Fruits for Glowing Skin

For eons, skin care has played a prominent role in the lives of women all over the world. However, a neglected skin with flaws and blemishes becomes obvious since the face exposed to external elements is prone to damages. Hence, it is imperative to follow a regular skin care routine to nurture and protect skin. Nevertheless, in a quest for a peaches and cream complexion, most women spend exorbitant amounts on beauty and cosmetic products containing unsafe chemicals that do more harm than good. Instead of spending heavily on various skin lotions and products, which burn a hole in the pockets, opting for natural solutions, dramatically transform complexion and skin tone. All the same, the secrets to gorgeous-looking skin lie in the kitchen in the form of affordable fruits, which keep skin glowing and healthy. Let us peek into a few benefits of easily available fruits for a resplendently glowing skin. (Also check some simple home remedies for glowing skin)


Benefits of Fruits for Glowing Skin

Various Fruits for Glowing SkinFruits are not only good for optimal health but offer amazing benefits for skin. This is because fruits are powerhouses of essential nutrients, loaded with various vitamins, minerals, antioxidants sugar, fibre and proteins. Since skin is the largest organ in the body, it requires a lot of pampering and feeding. The best way to nurture skin is by taking antioxidant-rich fruits containing anthocyanins, flavonoids, lycopene, lutein and coenzyme Q10, vitamins E, C, and A ,apart from an array of other valuable substances. All these antioxidants curtail and protect skin from exposure to harsh environmental pollutants and dangerous radiation from ultra violet rays of the sun. Besides these, they safeguard skin from damage of free radicals that precipitate ageing.  Chronic inflammation results in skin losing its elasticity, which often leads to wrinkles, fine lines, dryness and sagging. Nevertheless, fruits improve production of collagen that alleviates these problems. Containing moisturizing and anti-inflammatory substances, fruits keep skin hydrated, smooth, supple and soft, bestowing a healthy glow.


Rainbow of Fruits for Skin

Red Colour Fruits

Fruits in vibrant hues offer greatest benefits. Richer and deeper the shade of fruits, greater is the level of antioxidant benefits. Red coloured fruits such as watermelon, papaya, pink grapefruit, guava and Tomatoes rich in lycopene along with cherries, plums, strawberries and cranberries containing antioxidants and good quantities of vitamin C offer skin protection from the destructive rays of the sun.


Yellowish-Red Fruit

According to Research, fruits consisting of a tiny hint of yellowish-red colouring such as mangoes, tomatoes and carrots, influence skin tone and colour making them more gorgeous, with the fat deposits in skin absorbing them.


Yellow/Orange Fruits

Fruits consisting of yellow and orange hues like apricots, peaches, cantaloupe, mangoes, tangerines, oranges and Carrots help detoxify harmful substances from the body and balance free radicals thus encouraging collagen production. This is mainly because they hold loads of beta-carotene and Vitamin C that suspend ageing and occurrence of wrinkles.


Purple/Blue Fruits

Red grapes, blueberries, plums and blackberries are some examples of fruits containing purple and blue colours. However, plums and blackberries densely rich with utmost concentrations of antioxidants, nurture skin from within and without, offering a host of skin benefits.


Fruits for Gorgeous Skin

Skin tone and colour largely depends on the type of food and colour of consumption.  According to Researchers belonging to St Andrews University, a couple of fruit servings each day facilitated an obvious change in skin tone and colour within a span of one and a half months. Certain investigations showed evidence of improved skin complexion and hue with regular intake of bright coloured fruits. So which fruits are good for skin? Let’s find out


Apples for Glowing Skin

apple for glowing skinApples offer several skin promoting benefits. For the most part, apples contain vital nutrients in the form of Vitamins A, B, C and E. The antioxidant properties in apples safeguard skin against cellular and tissue damages. The elastin and collagen substances provide anti ageing benefits preventing damages caused by the ultra violet rays of the sun, bestowing a glowing younger looking skin. Crucial antioxidants, Quercetin, present in the skin of apples, help balance facial oil thereby preventing acne, skin dryness, blackheads and white heads. The fruit also acts as a natural cleanser and toner, with the hydroxyl acids restoring skin to its youthful appeal.


Peaches for Glowing Skin

peaches for glowing skinPeaches too provide the required benefits for attaining a peaches-and-cream complexion. Loaded with antioxidants, peaches contain alpha-hydroxy acid along with elevated levels of potassium, magnesium, vitamins C and A. Owing to these substances; peaches remove dark spots, cleanse and tone skin, besides, tightening and minimizing the pores and protecting skin from sagging.


Avocados for Glowing Skin

Avocado for SkinOne of Mother Nature’s precious gifts, Avocados containing numerous skin-benefitting properties is great for dry skin.  Half a cup of avocado offers significant amounts of B vitamins, Vitamins E and C, along with unsaturated fats and dietary fibre. The presence of potent antioxidants like Vitamin E, neutralize free radicals, apart from proving beneficial for sunburns and inflamed skin.  Hence, avocado oil acts as a natural sunscreen defending the skin from the UV radiation of the sun.  A Natural moisturising agent avocado helps hydrate and moisturise skin from within preventing wrinkles and dryness. The vitamin A content prevents breakouts and eruptions promoting a natural healthy glow. (Check some avocado face masks)


Papaya for Glowing Skin

Papaya for skinPapayas are one of the most popular fruits used in the production of beauty and cosmetic products. They contain papain, an enzyme that offers exceptional benefits for skin. They also contain antioxidant substances and vitamins such as A, C and E, which keeps the skin blemish- free. Besides that, they contain fibre, magnesium, potassium, folate, flavonoids, vitamin C, and beta-carotene. The vitamin C element present in papayas helps maintain skin elasticity and prevents skin ageing by enhancing production of collagen. The vitamin A content makes them a wonderful tool for exfoliation. Furthermore, due to their key components, papayas keep the skin thoroughly moisturized protecting destruction of skin cells by the harmful free radicals.


Bananas for Glowing Skin

Banana for SkinBananas are undoubtedly great for the skin owing to their skin- protecting compounds. Bananas contain antioxidant substances that assuage cell destruction and early ageing triggered by free radicals. Deficiencies in biotin results in flaky dehydrated skin and bananas possessing good quantities of biotin keep the skin hydrated. A good source of potassium bananas help effective functioning of the tissues and cells in the body. (Check more uses of banana for skin)


Lemon for Glowing Skin

Lemon for Glowing SkinFor instant glowing skin, lemons always come in handy. Packed with the goodness of vitamin C, antioxidant, fruit acids and enzymes lemons are excellent for exfoliation as they remove the dead cells from skins surface. They also perform the role of a cleanser and bleaching agent by eliminating dark spots and skin blemishes. They improve circulatory health by promoting smooth blood flow, which is one of the chief factors for a radiant skin. (Also read benefits of lemon water)


Pineapple for Glowing Skin

Pineapple for glowing skinIt is a well-known fact that pineapples are outstanding meat tenderisers. They make the skin soft and supple through regeneration of skin cells, getting rid of dull lifeless skin. Possessing ample amounts of Vitamin C, pineapples provide a natural radiance to skin. With natural cleansing and astringent properties, the prickly fruit contains certain enzymes, which prevents free radicals damage. (Health benefits of pineapples)


Pomegranate for Glowing Skin

Pomegranate for glowing skinPacked with phytonutrients and antioxidant substances Pomegranates are terrific for skin. The deep red fruit protects skin from harmful environmental pollutants such as the sun, wind preventing infections and inflammation. The antioxidant substances resist free radical agents, safeguarding skin from acne breakouts, ageing and fine lines. The phytoestrogens similar to the estrogen hormone, activate the estrogen receptors facilitate production of collagen, via stimulation of fibroblasts maintain skin firmess.


Berries for Glowing Skin

berries for glowing skinBlueberries Strawberries Bilberries, blackberries and Cranberries offer inconceivable skin benefits.  Consisting of the highest antioxidant content in the fruit fraternity berries, contain essential skin-protecting C vitamins that help formation of collagen, invigorating skin cells and keeping them spotless and resilient. The anthocyanin elements protect skin from damage of UVB and UVA rays, keeping skin free of wrinkles and free radicals destruction.


Mango for Glowing Skin

Mango pulpMangoes undoubtedly, are the King of Fruits, as they possess healthy vitamins and antioxidants that besides providing many health benefits confer a glowing lustrous skin. A rich source of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6 and C, luscious juicy mangoes facilitates skin cell regeneration thereby repairing skin damage. Furthermore, the vitamin A and C content in Mangoes keep acne and other skin blemishes at bay.


Oranges for Glowing Skin

Orange for Glowing SkinOranges belonging to the citrus family offers various benefits for skin, in the form of fruit, peel and oil. With elevated levels of Vitamin C, they work wonders for all skin related problems. Consisting of collagen, oranges get rid of destructive free radicals thus impeding the process of ageing and offering protecting against sagging skin and development of fine lines. The antioxidant properties help protect skin cells endowing a flawless and even skin tone. Powdered orange peel is great for exfoliation and scrubbing, revealing a natural glow beneath the skin surface.


Grapes for Glowing Skin

Grapes for Glowing SkinAn effective blood purifier, grapes discourage lackluster dry skin imparting a naturally healthy glow. Polyphenols, a major component in the extraction of grape seed, consist of elevated antioxidant substances, which neutralize free radicals thus providing an anti ageing effect on skin. Due to the presence of tartaric acids, grapes perform the role of skin scrubs and exfoliators as they manage to disentangle the impurities and dead cells existing on the skin surface. External application of grape juice helps prevent formation of under eye wrinkles.


Cherries for Glowing Skin

Loaded with antioxidant benefits cherries help eradicate skin imperfections such as dark spots, pimple and acne marks leaving the skin clean.

 cherries for glowing skin

Kiwis for Glowing Skin

Rich in pectin, antioxidants fibre and vitamin C kiwis impede formation of wrinkles making the skin appear young and healthy.

 kiwis for glowing skin

Cantaloupe for Glowing Skin

Cantaloupe keeps skin radiantly healthy as they have high levels of antioxidants, vitamins C and A. All these substances help skin rejuvenation and repair making the skin smooth soft and supple.

cantaloupe for glowing skin

Avocado’s Timeless Skin Replenishing Secrets


Avocado for SkinAs most people are adapting to natural organic-based beauty products, changing over from chemical-laden commercially manufactured synthetic goods, some of the best solutions for enhancement of beauty are available right on our kitchen shelves.  Besides being cost-effective, safe and skin-friendly they help us carry out our regular beauty routine from the comforts of our home. One such naturally available product is a tasty, creamy, luscious topical fruit packed with the goodness of skin-friendly nutrients that works as an excellent food for the skin …often mistaken for being a vegetable,  they are none other than the refreshing Avocado fruit, offering a number of health and beauty benefits.


Benefits of Avocados for Skin

Avocados in Cosmetics

Avocados are one of Mother Nature’s most prized possessions, to nourish, enhance and rejuvenate skin, both from within and without.  Owing to this reason, avocados have a standing repute in the cosmetic industry and are in great demand (especially for the oil) towards manufacturing of skincare products such as lotions, bath oils, facial masks, sunscreens, creams and moisturizers.


Replenishing Skin Properties

Avocado Oil for SkinLoaded with rich sources of antioxidant and essential minerals such as Vitamins E, C, B, A, K,B2, B1, magnesium, copper, iron, potassium, chlorophyll, leicithin, polyphenols, phytochemicals and carotenoid antioxidants, Avocados are a treasure of healthy nutrients.  Besides, they also contain other skin promoting nutrients such as folic acid, omega 3 fats and essential proteins required for skin health. Regular consumption of Avocados as part of a healthy diet plan, as well as external application of the fruit promotes a gorgeous-looking skin.

Vitamin E

Comprising of fat-soluble Vitamin E in plenty, high essential for a radiant skin, Avocados play the role of an amazing moisturizer to perfection, keeping the skin hydrated, soft, and supple.


Furthermore, the Vitamin E content in Avocado benefits in regeneration of skin cells augments healthy circulation of blood in the body and protects the sebum in the lipid layers of the skin.


These qualities in Avocados encourage skin health, support anti ageing, and prevent premature skin ageing by reducing wrinkles and fine lines revealing a smooth glowing complexion. (More Tips for Glowing Complexion)


Vitamin C

Vitamin C content present in Avocados is vital for a flawless skin and towards development of cells and tissues. They augment the quality of collagen within the layers of the skin preventing thinness, dry skin and formation of wrinkles.


Vitamin A

Lush with Vitamin A this greenish-gold delight eliminates dead cells from the skin keeping them soft and moisturized.  Hence, they are excellent for skin exfoliation eliminating rough and dry skin.  Due to these benefits, Avocado oil makes a wonderful therapeutic remedy for sensitive dry skin and for treating eczema, skin dehydration and dark spots.



The eminent Antioxidant elements in avocados safeguard the collagen, which is the core skin matrix, by preventing cell mutilation.  Carotenoids called Lutein, polyphenols, owing to their antioxidant effects, curtail destruction of free radicals, and help get rid of toxins which otherwise may lead to skin creasing and ageing. This enables increase in glycosaminoglycans (GAG) which facilitates retention of moisture within the skin, thus preventing dry skin. In addition to these benefits of avocado for skin, the antioxidant substances in Avocados help better absorption and act as a natural sunscreen by protecting the skin from the harsh ultra violet rays of the sun preventing sunburns and sun damage (Home remedies for sunburn).


Amino Acids

Glutamine, an amino acid found in Avocado benefits to cleanse the skin and safeguards against the harsh toxins and pollutants caused by environmental factors.


Essential Fatty Acids

Comprising of skin-friendly essential fats such as oleic acid, omega6 and omega3 oils Avocados provide the required skin nutrients from within. Oleic acid is one of the chief components in the sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands and since avocados have them aplenty they enhance skin function, tones face muscles and eliminates whiteheads, acne and other skin imperfections bestowing blemish free skin.


Folic Acid

Deficiencies of folic acid result in dull lifeless and pale skin.  However Avocados containing Folate provides healthy glowing skin, hair and nails.


Homemade Avocado Face Mask

Sensitive Skin: Avocado and Almond oil

Gently massage face with avocado pulp, combined to an even paste by adding two or three drops of almond oil.  Retain the mixture on the face for half an hour and cleanse with tepid water. This recipe also makes an exceptional eye cream. According to personal preferences, Almond oil may be substituted with olive oil.

Avocado face mask

Oily Skin: Avocado Egg White and Lemon Juice

Evenly apply on the face mashed pulp of half an avocado mixed well an egg white and a few drops of lemon juice. Layer it on the face for twenty minutes followed by tepid water cleanse and an astringent. This mask is also effective for combating acne-prone skin. Applying a few drops of avocado oil on the face and washing it after thirty minutes with cold water too proves beneficial for oily skin.


Dry Skin: Oatmeal and Avocado

Mash half of a creamy luscious avocado to a pulp and combine with cooked oatmeal.  Evenly layer the mixture on the face for fifteen minutes followed by wash with tepid water.  This mask helps repair damaged dry skin by drawing in moisture and keeping the skin smooth supple and soft. As an alternative option if oatmeal is unavailable, applying the avocado pulp sans the oatmeal also comes in handy.


Ageing Skin: Honey and Avocado

Combine a few drops of honey to mashed meat of avocado to form a smooth paste.  Once applied leave it on for twenty minutes and give a lukewarm rinse.  This works magic and adds a beautiful glow to the skin. The honey and avocado combo makes an excellent anti ageing mask since honey contains skin-firming constituents that keep skin fresh and young. Read more benefits of honey for skin


Face Lifting

Consisting of skin valuable high soluble minerals and essential fats, Avocados are wonderful for treating saggy skin. Combine the flesh of the pulpy fruit along with two tablespoons of olive oil.  Refrigerate this mixture in a sealed container.  After half an hour, slather this paste on face as a face-lifting mask to minimize pores, tone facial muscles and to eliminate dark spots and pigmentation.


Skin Moisturizer: Yogurt and Avocado

A paste made of Avocado meat mixed with half a teaspoon of honey along with a teaspoon of yogurt spread over the face and cleansed with tepid water after twenty minutes works exceptionally well for skin dehydration especially during the wintery days.


Face Exfoliation

Besides the meat and oil Avocado peel may be used for effective skin exfoliation.  Massage the face gently in a circular movement by means of the peel scooped with flax seeds and bananas.  Cleanse with tepid water for revealing a soft skin.



Puffed-Up Eyes

Place thin semicircular slices of avocado beneath each eye. Take a breather for twenty minutes before removing them. This sure proves beneficial to soothe swollen eyes.


For preparing an under eye cream blend one fourth cups each of Aloe Vera gel and avocado oil. Aloe Vera gel may be substituted with other oils such as sesame, grape seed, or apricot seeds.


Attractive Hands

Make a paste consisting of avocado meat, a couple of tablespoons oatmeal, an egg white and a few drops of lime juice. Spread them on the hand and wash with tepid water after twenty minutes for amazing results.

Attractive Hands


Remember despite Avocados ability to turn the clock back and reverse signs of ageing, nurturing other healthy lifestyle habits like including Avocados in the diet, following a strict exercise regimen and not missing out of eight hours of beauty sleep helps  enhances skin tone and keeps you rosy and shining from within.