Smelling this amazing herb can fight dementia and increase your memory!

Smelling this amazing herb can fight dementia and increase your memory!

Rosemary is a kind of herb that is known widely. It can be used as spice for several numbers of dishes because of its unique and pleasing aroma.

This herb contains a lot of uses that offers several health benefits. A team of scientists has discovered that smelling rosemary can actually boost the memory for about 75%. It can increase the long-term memory and alertness for a millennium. Even the famous poet, Shakespeare had mentioned the amazing effect of rosemary in his poem entitled “Hamlet.”

A study that was made at the Northrumbia University last 2013, have found out that smelling rosemary has a relation with the improvement of performance for the entire quality of memory and secondary memory factors.

After 10 long years, these scientists have discovered the cognitive boosting capabilities of rosemary. The experts have come after 20 people as they do an activity regarding subtraction exercises amd visual information processing tasks and other different tests. They have measured the mood of the participants before and after they have been exposed to the scent of rosemary and they also took their blood samples.

This study is composed of 65 participants and the have stayed on either the rosemary-scented room or in the room that contains no scent of rosemary.

The result that has come out is incredibly amazing due to the effective result that the rosemary aroma has brought to the participants, their memories have increased a lot. The individuals that have been assigned in the rosemary-scented room about 60% to 70% better on remembering different kinds of events to completing task and they have also recalled some things more better tham the other participants which belongs to the non-rosemary scented room.

Furthermore, the blood samples that have been gathered resulted that the bloods of the individuals who have stayed in the rosemary-scented room have obvious levels of 1.8-cineole which is an active compound that rosemary contains. It all means that these compounds have been tied up to their bloodstreams.


In order to fully enjoy the effects of rosemary, you have to apply a few drops of high-quality organic essential oil with the help of a diffuser.

You can also put a plant of rosemary in your desk or anywhere inside your house. In order to make your brain sharp in the entire time, combine a drop of rosemary oil with a teaspoon of coconut oil and place it in a small cosmetic bin. Put a little amount of this oil in your wrists as needed.