Lemon mixed with this food do wonders for your health! Must Try!

Lemon mixed with this food do wonders for your health! Must Try!

Lemon can usually be seen as a plain garnish or within a Girl Scout stall who will sell you some lemonade for a few bucks. What we do not know is that with every consummation we do with this citrus fruit, a lot has already been changing in the body since we’ve eaten it. Lemon is a common home remedy especially when it comes to strengthening the immune system and curing common viral diseases such as colds or flu. These are just the common wonders that lemon can do ALONE but, mixing it with another powerful home remedy, it becomes the perfect combination of a mixture against illnesses.

Mixing a home remedy with clove makes it more effective and wondrous. Lemon and cloves are both popular for its unrecognized health benefits. They can be easily bough or are even readily available in your pantry. Once anyone in the household catches an illness, one simple preparation can already give an end to the discomfort being felt by the individual.

Whole, peeled, in the form of essential oil or extract, cloves mixed with lemon is also known for being:

cures toothache
Reduces muscle pain and rheumatism
It regenerates the body in the event of sudden fatigue
Cleanses bowels and treats urinary tract infection
Effectively forcing insects, such as mosquitoes
But did you know that clove works wonders with your hair, especially with fatty.

It may be used orally or as a coating, and in the case of ailments, both methods are preferred.

For relaxation and circulation it is good to make this mixture and rub into the body.