How to Make Hair Grow Faster Naturally?

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  • Maria

    Hair only grows half inch a month, so how does teimming half an inch a month cause hair to grow quicker? Your cutting every bit you have grown, a better plan is to trim 1/4″ every 3 months, this way you still gain 5″ a year!

  • winchutt

    Are you sure?

  • Ashok

    Thank you Maria. It is rectified now

  • karthi

    Is there any hair growth oil in market

  • Khanak

    This article gives some really good advice to promote hair growth. but after all the hair growth oils and pills, the key is regular trimming and vitamins and protein rich diet.

  • Emily

    These are really useful tips for hair growth. i am going to follow them but I would also recommend this hair oil to grow hair faster -

  • Vinu

    Does these hair growth oils really help to grow hair faster?

    • Madhavi

      I don’t know which hair growth oil you are talking about, but few oils work. I have only tested almond oil myself and yes it helps to make the hair grow a little faster

  • johnsasi

    hai immediately stop hair fail in few day s solution