How to Get Rid of Pimples Naturally with Home Remedies?

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  • evelin joseph

    the home remedies which i got was fantastic . by this i am free from pimple

  • Vidya

    I have seen significant effects after applying toothpaste on pimples. it worked for me

    • Md Aamer

      Helo..Vidya Which Toothpaste u have applied..plz ll u tel…?

      • Vidya

        I used Colgate. Just put a small amount of the paste on the pimples but dont scrub it.

        • Mariah

          Hello Vidya…… How many days or night do you need to to the toothpaste remedy to totally get rid of pimple? Does toothpaste remedy also help to remove pimple scar? Please tell me……………

    • Sadhana Rajendra Kumar

      Hi Vidya…. Glad to know that the toothpaste remedy worked for you…
      In fact my daughter swears by toothpaste to help her get rid of
      pimples… and it also does not leave behind ugly scars…

  • Pooja

    Cleaning face with milk also good to prevent pimples

    • Mariah

      Pooja is it true that one of the causes of pimples are dairy product? Especially milk. Please answer…….