Health Benefits of Honey with Milk

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  • Meenal

    I often drink honey milk for skin benefits. it keeps moisture on skin and makes the skin glow

  • Mansoor AK

    Good Article, except for the following statements:

    “Take a glass of this combination before you set out for your day in the morning and you are guaranteed enough energy to help you get through the morning rush….”
    “A glass of warm milk taken with honey is best known to induce sleep. So take it regularly…”

    Seems contradictory..

    I am planning on taking Honey + Milk in morning to reduce obesity and don’t want any induced sleep during daytime (which is already a big trouble for me).. So what can I do?

    Also, any idea how much honey per day is good? I heard high honey consumption in a single day can cause troubles.

  • Pearl

    Really informative