Bottle Gourd: Nature’s Bottle of Health

  • Neil

    Thank you for sharing the wonderful benefits of bottle gourd juice. Does eating bottle gourd in vegetables also helps to loose weight?

    • yo

      some what

  • Ammara

    if it is not recommended to consumed raw bottle gourd, then how can we have its juice without straining? :s

    • chu.choco

      it says there, better taste is if its bitter or not. if it is bitter, better throw it away. ^_^

      • chu.choco

        better taste if its***

  • Vikas Modi

    Flax seeds(Alasi) are also good source of Omega 3 acid and helps to reduce cholesterol . We should consume it daily . It is number one nutrican food item .Search online for more health benefit details of flax seed. You can buy it from nearby store or online and it is quite cheap as compare to other healthy items like almonds

  • Manish

    Can we use bottle gourd in winters in north india?