Aloe Vera – A Treasure Trove of Health and Beauty Benefits

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  • S. R.

    Aloe Vera Juice is a great medicine for digestive health. I consume it every morning.

  • vj rajawat

    I have slight wrinkles on my face, lets see if aloe vera works

  • A.S

    That’s realy great, I really hope it works

  • Marcos

    Apparently there are over 2000 types but only 5 are recommended for digesting? How do you tell them apart? How is the juice made?

  • M P

    I have tried the gel from the leaves but it is quite slimy.. can anything be mixed with it to make it usable?

  • Vinu

    I must say aloevera is very effective to take care of your rough skin. I tried it

  • Divya Fageria

    Aloe Vera gel is great and it works wonderfully for skin. I had acne and acne scars on my cheeks and forehead and it helped me to get rid of them completely. Thanks for this valuable information

  • renuka joshi

    i have planted an aloe vera in our backyard. its effects are really great on skin. i prefer using aloe vera plant instead of aloe vera gel products. even a small part of leaf is enough to make your skin soft and supple

  • Neeru

    aloevera is my favorite for skin

  • Bath Soap

    WOW! I am really impressed by getting so many benefits of Aloe Vera. Coz it’s all natural and I loved it.

  • rajendra

    I use alove vera leaf as moisturising substance for shaving. .its very smooth and helps clean shave. No need of shaving cream!