4 Surprising reason why pregnant woman need to have intercourse everyday!

4 Surprising reason why pregnant woman need to have intercourse everyday!

Bearing a child for almost 9 months is usually a stressful situation. In that reason, the husband can actually help her wife. There are a lot of things that they can do to soothe the wives from all the stress due to pregnancy.

A lot of women believe that having intercourse during pregnancy is a little uncomfortable and it can also affect the fetus inside their womb.

Little did they know that having intercourse throughout pregnancy might be the best thing that you could do to make your relax and to build up the muscle for the delivery of that baby. Additionally, here are the benefits that you can obtain in making love during pregnancy:

  1. Lowers Blood Pressure

Sexual intercourse throughout pregnancy can actually help you in lowering your blood pressure. Oxytocin or also called as the love hormone that is being produce during sex is a great reliever of stress. This hormone will help you to reduce the build-up of tension. In that way, you will be able to control your blood pressure at a healthy level.

  1. Enables Sound Sleep

While heavy with child, women usually experience all types of discomforts, from back pain to repeated urination and this reason greatly affects their sleeping hours which gets shorter as the baby in the womb grows. For that reason, after having an orgasm will make you feel wonderful and you will fall asleep fast. That is why making love throughout pregnancy is an effective way to obtain a safe and sound sleep.

  1. Increases Intimacy

Doing sex throughout pregnancy can boost the intimacy between you and your husband and that bond that you have will stay unbreakable endlessly. The discharge of oxytocin which is also referred to as the bonding hormone increases the emotional bond and makes pregnant women more understanding, supportive and trusting.

  1. Reduces Pain

Definite hormones just like prolactin and oestrogenand progesterone boosts the blood flow to the pelvic area which includes vagina. It can also upsurge the lubrication and sensitivity.